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The Crystal Fire Burner can be used in place of fire logs in our custom firepit tables. The beautiful, glowing fire appears atop a bed of tempered, tumbled, clear glass or choose a different color from the glass selections below*.
Adjust the flame height to your desired setting and enjoy your warm fire for up to 16 full hours using a standard 20 lb. LP tank or hook it up to an LP or natural gas line. Enjoy the magic and ambience of a warm, glowing fire today.

*NOTE: There is an extra charge to replace the standard clear glass with an alternate color.


     Fire Glass Colors

The colors below are representations of the available color choices.  Please visit our showroom to view actual glass samples.

Classic (1/4") Collection   |   Premium (Reflective) Collection   |   1/2" Collection   |   Eco Glass

Classic Collection - Available in 5 or 10 lb. packages

1/4" Arctic Blue

1/4" Azuria

1/4" Black

1/4" Bronze

1/4" Clear

1/4" Cobalt Blue

1/4" Copper

1/4" Evergreen

1/4" Gray

1/4" Pacific Blue

1/4" Champagne

1/4" Solex

1/4" Star Fire
Premium Collection - Available in 5 or 10 lb. packages
Reflective Glass has a color tint with a reflective mirror on one side which really allows this glass to shine. The reflective properties offer a brilliant sparkle under the mid day sun or a reflection of fire while the flame is burning after dark.
1/4" Azuria Reflective
1/4" Black Reflective
1/4" Bronze Reflective
1/4" Evergreen Reflective
1/4" Gold Reflective
1/4" Gray Reflective
1/4" Pacific Blue Reflective
 1/4" Platinum Reflective
 1/4" Copper Reflective
1/2" Collection - Available in 5 or 10 lb. packages

ECO GLASS - Available ONLY in 10 lb. packages
Eco glass is made up of post industrial glass that has been melted down and has a colored dye added to it to achieve its brilliant colors. It is made up of the same ingredients as the tempered glass above so it can withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees. This will allow you to "Go green" (in 12 different colors) and enjoy an eco friendly product without the worry of it melting or sooting like other recycled products can.

Ocean Blue Eco Glass

Smoke Eco Glass

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